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Surface Cleaning and Rust Removal

ZERUST® field technicians know rust and corrosion is a complex process that has many factors. Sometimes clients already have corrosion that needs to be removed before we can treat and prevent the root issue. ZERUST® scientists have developed powerful solutions for the rework and recovery of metal items. ZERUST® offers a range of rust remover technologies, from pH-neutral products to more aggressive products that also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.

ZERUST® also supports metalworking processes with advanced surface cleaners and washes that remove residual contaminants and soils left by metalworking processes. We have solutions designed to work with VCI packaging systems for metal forming lines that need steps to neutralize acids or deactivate chlorides. Have contaminated or highly reactive metals? Use ZERUST® AxxaClean™ and AxxaWash products to control corrosion.

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  • Flash Rust
  • Acid-Neutralization
  • Deactivation of Contaminants
  • Uses Trusted NTIC Material Technologies


Solutions for challenging environments, contaminated parts, and highly reactive metals such as cast iron.