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Aerospace VCI
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  • Aerospace VCI
  • Aerospace VCI

Prevent Aerospace & Aviation Corrosion with the use of Zerust® VCI Products

The aerospace and aviation industry relies upon high-performing precision metal parts, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Corrosion during storage, shipping, and operation are common issues for the aviation industry due to these harsh environmental conditions the metals are subjected to.  Zerust® has assisted most major aerospace and aviation companies and their OEMs with the use of our safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly VCI products, ranging from VCI Diffusers & Emitters to our VCI paper and VCI Poly Packaging Film.

Zerust® internationally recognized scientists and field engineers work closely with the customer and their OEM providers to design and implement comprehensive corrosion management systems to ensure the integrity of their parts, resulting in savings on scrap and rework. Zerust® representatives will provide worldwide on-site technical support to ensure the efficacy of these solutions.

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Zerust® offers a wide array of VCI and corrosion inhibiting products for aerospace and aviation industries, ranging from VCI Packaging Films & Paper, VCI Emitters & DiffusersRust Removers & Cleaners, and Rust Inhibitors, Preventatives & Coatings. Zerust® provides cost-effective and versatile VCI protection against corrosion damage for critical parts and components in work-in-progress, shipping, and storage.

  • VCI Packaging Film & Paper provide effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out VCI Packaging Film & Paper
  • Zerust® offers a wide range of rust inhibitor coatings ranging from oil-based, wax-based, water-based, grease-based to oil additives
  • Zerust® VCI Products provide safe and effective corrosion protection


With the addition of AxxaWash™ industrial degreasers and cleaners, Zerust® is looking to bring on Manufacturer Reps that are knowledgeable in aqueous cleaners and degreasers.