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heavy equipment corrosion
  • heavy equipment corrosion
  • heavy equipment corrosion
  • heavy equipment corrosion
  • heavy equipment corrosion
  • heavy equipment corrosion

VCI Corrosion Solutions for the Heavy Equipment Industry

The heavy equipment industry commonly deals with corrosion as their equipment is subjected to harsh environments while in use, and the equipment has large metal surfaces.

Corrosion is not only an issue with heavy equipment during use, but is also an issue for the OEM part suppliers during the manufacturing process and during shipment to the heavy equipment manufacturers. Without the right corrosion-inhibiting method, these parts can become compromised before the heavy equipment is assembled.

Zerust® has assisted most major agricultural, mining, and heavy equipment manufacturers and their OEM part suppliers with the prevention of corrosion by the use of Zerust® corrosion inhibiting products.

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Zerust® offers a wide array of VCI and corrosion inhibiting products for agricultural, mining, and heavy equipment industries, ranging from VCI Packaging Films & Paper, VCI Emitters & Diffusers, Rust Removers & Cleaners, and Rust Inhibitors, Preventatives & Coatings. Zerust® provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for metals during operation, shipping, and storage.

  • VCI Packaging Film & Paper provide effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step for OEM part suppliers
  • Metal parts are ready for use and assembly directly out VCI Packaging Film & Paper
  • Zerust® offers a wide range of rust inhibitor coatings ranging from oil-based, wax-based, water-based, grease-based to oil additives for heavy  equipment during use, storage, and shipping
  • Zerust® VCI Products provide safe and effective corrosion protection


With the addition of AxxaWash™ industrial degreasers and cleaners, Zerust® is looking to bring on Manufacturer Reps that are knowledgeable in aqueous cleaners and degreasers.