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ZERUST® Corrosion Solutions for Land Shipping

Metal parts are susceptible to corrosion during land shipments, as variations in temperature and relative humidity over time can cause condensation along the inner walls of the truck. This phenomenon is commonly known as “container rain” or “sweat.” In addition, if the metal parts are poorly packaged, this humidity can enter the packaging and accelerate the corrosion rate.

Land Shipping Corrosion

Corrosion during land shipping is accelerated by contaminants and residues left behind from metalworking, improper handling of metal components, and incorrect packaging processes. As a result, some light surface corrosion may not be a major concern for components that require further metalworking. However, heavy pitting corrosion can remain even after the surface is machined.

ZERUST® Corrosion Solutions

A ZERUST® representative from our global network works with you to understand your packaging requirements. A wide array of technical resources may be used to identify the root causes of corrosion. For example, data loggers placed inside test shipments can be used to evaluate the climatic stress during the shipping route. In addition, product and fluid samples can be tested for compatibility in one of our regional laboratories located around the world. We use this information to design a cost-effective packaging solution for you and your supply chain.

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ZERUST® offers a wide array of VCI and corrosion-inhibiting products for land shipping applications, ranging from VCI Packaging Films & Paper, VCI Emitters & DiffusersRust Removers & Cleaners, and Rust Inhibitors, Preventatives & Coatings. ZERUST® provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for critical parts and components in work-in-progress, land shipping, and storage.

  • VCI Packaging Film & Paper provides effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of VCI Packaging Film & Paper
  • ZERUST® offers a wide range of rust inhibitor coatings ranging from oil-based, wax-based, water-based, and grease-based to oil additives
  • ZERUST® VCI Products provide safe and effective corrosion protection