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Zerust Shipment App

Z-CIS® Shipment Inspection App

Zerust Shipment App Zerust Shipment App

The Z-CIS® Shipment Inspection App is an internal use app only, that allows ZERUST® personnel to complete shipment inspections with the use of a mobile app. With the app, ZERUST® personnel may scan the QR code on the inspection labels provided by ZERUST® and enter important shipping pack information before the trial is shipped. After the trial shipment reaches the destination, the ZERUST® personnel in charge of inspecting the shipment can scan the QR code to complete the inspection report and email the completed PDF report to all parties involved.

• Scan QR code on inspection label to easily identify the trial shipment
• Receive email notifications 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before the trial inspection is expected to reach its destination
• Take photos of trial shipments and upload them to a PDF report
• Email completed PDF reports directly to the customer from the app


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