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Prevent Metal Corrosion With ZERUST® VCI

What is VCI?

With vapor corrosion inhibitors, you don’t have to worry about applying messy oils, greases or other corrosion protection compounds to your products. VCI gives you the corrosion-fighting power you need by slowly releasing a corrosion preventative compound into a sealed air space, effectively protecting exposed metal surfaces.

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ZERUST® VCI Products

Our VCI products offer a number of advantages over conventional inhibitor coatings. Corrosion resistant gas molecules penetrate hard-to-access crevices, gaps, and slots, guaranteeing that even the most complex components will be protected, inside and out.

ZERUST® VCI starts working immediately and can provide corrosion protection for years, leaving your metal components clean and ready to use when you need them.

Explore our top Vapor Inhibitor products to find the solution that works for you. Our products feature proprietary chemical formulations that are invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable, and non-allergenic.

VCI Capsules, Emitters and Diffusers

VCI Bags and Film

ZERUST® VCI bags and films are a cost effective, versatile and easy-to-use solution to protect your entire range of products.
VCI Capsules, Emitters and Diffusers

VCI Capsules, Emitters and Diffusers

ZERUST® VCI capsules, emitters and diffusers hit the hardest-to-reach spaces, giving you targeted protection for even the most complex components.
VCI Packaging Paper

VCI Packaging Paper

ZERUST® VCI packaging papers are responsibly sourced and made using clean energy, giving you effective and ecological corrosion protection.

Why Choose ZERUST?

Proven Solutions from ZERUST®,
the “Original” VCI Film Company

For nearly 50 years, ZERUST® has delivered safe and effective corrosion solutions across the globe. ZERUST®/EXCOR® has on-site representation in 70 plus countries via a network of 21 joint venture partnerships and multiple international laboratories, to provide seamless support wherever you need it.

Scrap rates dropped dramatically following the introduction of ZERUST® VCI technology and parts that remained in ZERUST® VCI packaging remained clean, dry, and rust free!
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ZERUST® offers a variety of purpose-built corrosion solutions to meet the industry’s biggest problems. Through ZERUST® VCI, ferrous, non-ferrous, multimetal, and silver components can be protected from corrosion. Have a unique corrosion issue? ZERUST® offers a wide range of custom corrosion prevention solutions, guaranteeing that you can find corrosion protection for any situation.


Using ZERUST®️ VCI technology as a packaging solution for your metal components and products will help ensure that your customers receive the exact same product that leaves the production floor. No matter the product or application, there is a ZERUST®️ VCI packaging solution that will work for you.


Discovering that metal components arrive corroded at their destination can be a devastating experience, costing you and your customers valuable time and money. ZERUST®️ VCI can give you peace of mind throughout the shipping process with a series of anti-corrosion solutions designed to combat even the most extreme environmental variations.


Preventing metal corrosion during long-term storage can be a difficult and expensive task through traditional practices. ZERUST®️ VCI offers a series of flexible, easy-to-use products to protect virtually any metal component from storage corrosion. Protection lasts for years and can be applied to a wide range of applications and storage methods.

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