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ZERUST® VCI Protects Aluminum Coils From Corrosion During Shipping

  • Inventory Storage
  • Land Shipment
  • Long Term Storage


Aluminum rolling mill located in Wisconsin


Protection of aluminum coils from corrosion


Aluminum coils are supplied to high-end cookware manufacturers and cannot have any corrosion when received


Aluminum coils were wrapped with ZERUST® custom coil covers and ICT® 510-SM Stretch film

VCI Aluminum Coil
VCI Aluminum Coil
VCI Aluminum Coil
VCI Aluminum Coil
VCI Aluminum Coil


A large aluminum rolling mill needed to supply aluminum coils to a high-end cookware manufacturer and was required to provide 100% corrosion-free shipments. Since the aluminum was going to be made into cookware, they required a safe alternative to typical rust preventatives such as oils and coatings to protect the coils from corrosion during storage and shipping.


The ZERUST® representative visited the site to look at the coils and came up with the idea of making custom-made “VCI coil covers” out of ICT®510-C Non-Ferrous Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) film. ZERUST® made these covers by sewing an elastic band on the bottom of the film, so the rolling mill could easily slip the covers over the top and bottom of the coils. For added protection, ZERUST® also recommended that they finish the packaging by wrapping each coil with ICT®510-SM 20” multimetal VCI stretch film to firmly secure the two coil covers and ensure each coil is fully wrapped with the ZERUST® VCI film during shipping and storage.

The aluminum rolling mill has been using the solutions provided by ZERUST® for several years and has been delighted with the performance of the ZERUST® products.

ICT®510-SM VCI Stretch Film protects coils from rust & corrosion
For Years

ICT® VCI Tote Covers protect coils from rust & corrosion
For Years

Customer Satisfaction


The supplier has been pleased with the corrosion solutions provided by ZERUST®, as the custom packaging solution has enabled them to fulfill their customer’s requirements (corrosion-free coils). Contact a ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

VCI Aluminum Coil

ZERUST® corrosion experts recommended a packaging solution to protect aluminum coils from corrosion—enabling the supplier to fulfill their customer’s requirements.
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