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Are you in search of a VCI supplier due to company specifications? Currently experiencing corrosion issues at your facility? or just unhappy with the products and services provided by your current VCI supplier?

No matter the reason for your search, when choosing a VCI supplier, you should consider this.

  • Is the VCI supplier reputable (ISO certified)?

    VCI has been around for decades, and while there are several legitimate VCI suppliers, there are numerous unreputable VCI suppliers worldwide. In addition, depending on the industry the parts are being supplied to, you may be required to use a VCI supplier that’s ISO certified. Therefore, you must ask for the supplier’s credentials or certifications they’ve obtained.

  • Does the VCI supplier have technical capabilities?

    Rust and corrosion is a complex problem. It often takes a root cause analysis approach to identify what is causing rust on your parts. Does the supplier offer free on-site visits to process map your manufacturing line, collect metalworking fluids, and/or sample parts for testing? The VCI supplier must be able to test the parts and fluids to identify what’s causing the corrosion and what will solve the problem.

VCI supplier VCI supplier VCI supplier VCI supplier
  • Does the VCI supplier identify the most effective corrosion management solution?

    Often, VCI suppliers will offer a product to solve a corrosion issue. Still, they should complete a systematic root cause analysis and then take the appropriate action steps to make sure the problem is resolved and won’t reoccur in the future. Your VCI supplier should not only be trying to eliminate the rust but also eliminate unnecessary packaging and materials handling processes.

  • Does the VCI supplier provide custom solutions to your specific application?

    Every metal part has unique characteristics. They are often made with different metal types, shapes, sizes, and weights, with each part requiring different types of protection (for example, spraying a part with a rust preventative coating before being placed inside a VCI bag or using a gusseted VCI bag with VCI paper interleaving stacked parts in a crate). Suppose the supplier is looking to sell additional products without identifying the level of protection needed. In that case, you should question whether the supplier can provide the necessary comprehensive solutions for your business.

VCI supplier VCI supplier VCI supplier VCI supplier
  • Does the VCI supplier provide free samples for trial runs?

    While lab testing is critical in identifying corrosion causes and finding the best solutions. There is no way to 100% replicate the real-life process of your metal parts in a laboratory, and that’s why trial runs should be completed before purchasing any products or making significant changes to your company’s processes. Your VCI supplier should be providing free samples of the products to complete these trial runs and should be on-side to watch the process as sometimes corrosion can be caused by an employee handling parts without clean gloves.

  • Does the VCI supplier provide worldwide support?

    Often, OEMs produce parts on the other side of the world and ship them overseas to their customers. If those parts arrive at the facility rusted, will your VCI supplier be able to visit the manufacturing plant that produced the parts to identify the issue? Until the root cause of a rust problem is identified and appropriate mitigation has been implemented, the OEM will continue to incur significant financial costs, and that is why our technical service engineers support 70 countries because when companies are experiencing rust, they need help immediately.

    VCI Supplier VCI Supplier

All in all, the key to finding a long-term VCI supplier is finding a supplier that:

  • Identifies and resolves corrosion causes in processes.

  • Eliminates unnecessary customer packaging and materials handling processes.

  • Designs optimal customer corrosion-inhibiting solutions.

  • Provides point-to-point customer service across the globe.

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ZERUST® can help you with your corrosion prevention needs. We analyze the current state of your corrosion management needs and work with you and your team to implement the best and most cost-effective solution. ZERUST® can come to your facility and do a step-by-step analysis of your current process, including fluid audits, VCI and packaging process audits, and data logger analysis. Our mission is to provide you with the right products, processes, and procedures to ensure that you can achieve your desired results.