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Corrosion protection holds key importance in electrical and electronic applications. Two common approaches for achieving this are conformal coatings (CC) and ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS, a multimetal electrical corrosion inhibitor spray. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key differences between these two methods, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and how Axxanol™ 718-ESS stacks up against conformal coatings.

Understanding Conformal Coatings:

Conformal coatings have long been a staple in the electronics industry for protecting circuitry and electronic assemblies from environmental factors like moisture, chemicals, and contaminants. Here are some crucial considerations when assessing conformal coatings:

Conformal Coatings 1. Application Methods:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) commonly apply CCs.
  • Common application methods include brush coating, spray coating, and dip coating.
  • Vacuum deposition, while used for specific coatings, is limited in commercial electronics due to its complexity and cost.
Surface Preparation 2. Surface Preparation:

  • CCs require pristine surface cleanliness; failure to do so may result in adhesion loss and other failures.
  • Neglecting surface cleaning can lead to issues such as osmotic blisters and pinholes, allowing corrosive media to penetrate.
Mechanical Strength 3. Mechanical Strength:

  • CCs do not require high mechanical strength; flexibility and resistance to environmental factors are key.
  • High-strength coatings can induce stress and lead to component malfunctions or coating delamination.
Conformal Coatings 4. Glass Transition Temperature (Tg):

  • Traditional CCs usually have a Tg around 50 to 68°F (10 to 20°C), which can pose issues in low-temperature environments.
Moisture Permeability 5. Moisture Permeability:

  • While silicone CCs are hydrophobic, they can allow significant moisture penetration in the presence of defects.

Understanding Axxanol™ 718-ESS:

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 718-ESS presents a different approach to corrosion protection, especially in electrical and electronic applications. Here are the key advantages of Axxanol™ 718-ESS and how it compares to conformal coatings:

 electrical corrosion inhibitor spray 1. Field Application:

  • Axxanol™ 718-ESS can be easily applied in the field, making it ideal for aftermarket corrosion protection.
  • Unlike CCs, it does not require thorough surface cleaning and can be applied over slightly oily surfaces.
Humidity Tolerance 2. Humidity Tolerance:

  • Axxanol™ 718-ESS can be applied in higher humidity conditions compared to CCs.
  • It readily displaces water, enhancing its effectiveness in harsh environments.
Stress-Free 3. Stress-Free:

  • Unlike CCs, Axxanol™ 718-ESS does not induce stress on electronics, making it ideal for various applications.
Temporary protection 4. Temporary Protection:

  • Axxanol™ 718-ESS is a temporary protective coating (TPC) and must be reapplied from time to time for sustained corrosion protection.
  • CCs, on the other hand, are more akin to permanent protective coatings (PPCs).
Temperature Limits 5. Temperature Limits:

  • While Axxanol™ 718-ESS’s protective properties can be impacted by high temperatures, it is well-suited for electronics designed to withstand up to 80°C (176°F).

Axxanol™ 718-ESS was not designed to compete with conformal coatings but offers unique advantages:

electrical corrosion inhibitor

  1. Axxanol™ 718-ESS is ideal for field application, aftermarket protection, and temporary protection of equipment without the need for conformal coatings.
  2. Conformal coatings are used for patch repairs of existing coatings facing field failures.
  3. Axxanol™ 718-ESS is versatile and suitable for various applications beyond electronic corrosion protection.

By understanding these differences and considering your specific needs, you can make an informed decision about whether to choose Axxanol™ 718-ESS or conformal coatings for your corrosion protection requirements. Whether you choose conformal coatings or Axxanol™ 718-ESS, ZERUST® can help you with your corrosion prevention needs. We analyze the current state of your corrosion management needs and work with you and your team to implement the best and most cost-effective solution. ZERUST® can visit your facility and conduct an analysis of your current process. Our mission is to provide you with the right products and procedures to ensure that you can achieve your desired results.