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ZERUST® ICT®510-C Multimetal VCI Film

ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510-C VCI Multimetal Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in shipping and storage. It is available in various-sized rolls, sheets, tubing, and bags.


  • Effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of the packaging
  • Multiple metal type protection
  • Available with ESD protection
  • Provides safe and effective ZERUST® VCI protection
  • Recyclable
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® VCI packaging film diffuses proprietary ZERUST® VCIs (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) to protect metals for years. Use ZERUST® ICT®510-C VCI Multimetal film to protect metal components, assemblies, and more with multiple metal types from rust and corrosion. For additional protection and use in challenging environments, packaging can be used with ZERUST® corrosion inhibitor liquid RPs and VCI diffuser products. Check with your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

ZERUST® is the inventor of poly Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI), and ZERUST® VCI film has proven its performance and safety with thousands of customers worldwide for nearly 50 years. It is used to protect valuable metal items for manufacturers in industries such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace, and mining. ZERUST®/EXCOR® offers on-site support and service in more than 70 countries via a network of 21 joint venture partnerships.



ZERUST® ICT®510-C Film is available in many stock and custom options. Contact a ZERUST® account manager for pricing and availability.

Bags & Tubing:
2″ – 125″ (flat)
2″ – 150″ (gusset)
Sheeting: 2″ – 26′

Part Number Dimensions and Thickness Film Type Film Color and Protection
100-M-00045 48" x 500' x 4 MIL Sheeting Multimetal Blue