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ZERUST® AxxaClean™ ICT®625-RR

ZERUST®/EXCOR® AxxaClean ICT®625-RR chelating rust remover recovers mildly to moderately rusted ferrous parts. Simply soak the affected parts in the ready-to-use liquid to eliminate rust on surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas.


  • Chelating rust remover recovers mildly to moderately rusted ferrous parts without abrasion or scrubbing
  • Ready-to-use product
  • Eliminates the need for complicated equipment and harsh chemicals
  • Generally safe for paint, gaskets, rubber, and plastics (Test before use)
  • Product is not classified as hazardous for people or the environment according to EU (CLP) or OSHA HazCom 2012 (US GHS)
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® AxxaClean™ ICT®625-RR active ingredient reacts with iron oxide, and the product is compatible with aluminum and yellow metals. To use, clean off loose rust with a brush and soak the rusted parts in ICT®625-RR rust remover. The soak time required will depend on the degree of rust, ranging from 20 minutes to a few hours*. Once the rust is removed, rinse the parts with high-quality water (recommended DI/RO), or for optimal results, rinse with a 5% solution of ZERUST® AxxaVis HST-10 and dry thoroughly with filtered compressed air.

Additionally, you may further protect your metals from future corrosion with our ZERUST® VCI packaging films and papers. For metals that are prone to corrosion, such as cast iron, use a ZERUST® rust preventative such as Axxanol or Axxatec liquid coatings.

*Depending on the type of substrate, the product may cause darkening on exposed surfaces.



ZERUST®/EXCOR® AxxaClean ICT®625-RR chelating rust remover is sold as a ready-to-use liquid immersion product. Contact your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative for ordering information.

Part Number Quantity Type
350-M-00095PL 5 Gallon Pail Immersion
350-M-00095DR 55 Gallon Drum Immersion