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ZERUST® Identifies Corrosion-Causing Contaminants in Final Wash Process

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Large automotive transmission manufacturer


Protection of torque converters during storage and shipping


Torque converters were arriving at the end-user’s facility corroded


ZERUST® identified corrosion-causing contaminants in the final wash process, resulting in the parts corroding during storage and shipping. ZERUST® formulated an AxxaWash™ product to neutralize the contaminants and used Axxanol™ 750 to coat the torque converters for further corrosion protection

corrosion-causing contaminants
corrosion-causing contaminants
corrosion-causing contaminants
corrosion-causing contaminants


A large automotive transmission manufacturer located in the Midwest was experiencing rust and corrosion on torque converter during the storage and shipment to their end-user. They contacted ZERUST® as they needed a corrosion control company to visit their facility and identify the reason for their parts corroding during the storage and shipment.


ZERUST® Technical Service team visited the customer’s facility to deploy Z-CIS® plant process mapping, collect fluid samples, and complete a part surface analysis. After visiting the customer’s facility, the collected samples were sent to ZERUST’s Laboratory in Circle Pines, MN, for analysis. The laboratory found that the final wash fluids were contaminated with salts and bacteria. When left on the metal surface, these corrosion-causing contaminants increase the risk of rust and corrosion on those parts.

ZERUST® Research and Development team formulated a specific AxxaWash™ chemical product comprised of a new wash chemistry to neutralize the salt contamination in the final wash process. ZERUST® Technical Service also recommended that the customer change their final rust prevention coating to ZERUST® Axxanol™ 750 VCI, providing comprehensive protection by combining a moisture barrier and contact inhibitor film coating with ZERUST® VCI chemistry that migrates to protect voids and crevices. After Axxanol™ 750 has been applied, ZERUST® ICT®427 VCI paper is interleaved between every layer of the parts, and ZERUST® ICT®510-C bag covers the entire pallet keeping the VCI encapsulated for maximum corrosion protection.

ZERUST® Axxanol™ 750 protects torque converters from rust & corrosion
For years
when packaged in VCI packaging

ZERUST® AxxaWash™ neutralizes
Salt Contamination

Customer Satisfaction


After implementing the AxxaWash™ and Axxanol™ 750, the torque converters arrived at the end-users facility without any rust or corrosion. Contact your ZERUST® Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

The customer was happy with the results as they were able to save significant money, as they no longer had to credit the end-user for rusted parts that needed to be scrapped.
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