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ZERUST® Z-PAK® is an economical, effective, and easy-to-use VCI packet that can be used alone or, more typically, with other ZERUST® packaging products to provide robust temporary corrosion protection for ferrous metals during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress.


  • Safe and environmentally responsible design
  • Minimal user training required
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Proven technology with 10+ years of record
  • Effective in mitigating corrosion issues
  • Low cost, minimizing the impact on your bottom line
  • Safe to dispose of in industrial landfill and incineration
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® Z-PAK® VCI packets emit a specially formulated Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) that quickly saturates and lands on metal surfaces located in the enclosure/packaging with the Z-PAK®. This molecular thin, temporary layer of VCI chemistry protects the metal surfaces from corrosion. Since the VCI chemistry is gaseous, hard-to-reach areas of the metal components – such as unobstructed inner surfaces, are also protected from corrosion when a sufficient amount of the VCI chemistry lands on them. Once the metal components leave the enclosure/packaging, away from the Z-PAK® packets, the VCI chemistry on the metal surfaces volatilizes into the air. Even when present, the thin molecular layer of VCI chemistry will not affect the protected metal surfaces’ physical, chemical, or structural properties. Your customers can work on painting, coating, welding, processing, and/or assembling the metal parts immediately upon receiving them at the facility from the shipment/storage.

Z-PAK® VCI packets must be used inside an enclosure with limited airflow in order for the product to be effective. A few typical uses of Z- PAK® are:

  • Use with ZERUST® ICT® plastic packaging for more robust corrosion protection – e.g., reduce corrosion risk for highly sensitive metals, provide better VCI diffusion in tightly stacked metal parts inside the packaging, etc.
  • Inside sealed or obstructed voids that the ZERUST® ICT® packaging cannot protect.
  • In large equipment enclosures that require targeted corrosion protection for specific areas.

Note: Z-PAK® VCI packets chemistry is designed to be used for ferrous metal (Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron) surfaces. In certain situations, Z-PAK® may be used for metal components containing limited yellow metal/parts, but check with your ZERUST® Account Manager before doing so.

Part Number Product Name Protected Metal Types Volume of protection (Up to) Radius of protection (Up to) Duration of protection (Up to)
375-F-00100 Z-PAK®-01 Ferrous metals only* 3.5 ft³ (0.1 m³) 1 ft (30 cm) Overseas shipments: 3 months
Domestic shipments and/or storage: 6 months

* Z-PAK® VCI diffuser chemistry is designed to be used for ferrous (Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron) metal surfaces. In certain situations, Z-PAK® may be used for metal components containing limited yellow metal/parts (Aluminum, Zinc (Galvanized Steel), Copper, Brass, Phosphorus Bronze), but check with your ZERUST® representative before doing so.



ZERUST® Z-PAK® VCI packets are in stock for immediate delivery. Sold in cases of 1,000.

Part Number Product Volume of protection (Up to)‡ Quantity
375-F-00100 Z-PAK®-01 3.5 ft³ protection- Ferrous 1,000 packs/case