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Depending on the design of the corrosion prevention solution, some ZERUST® VCI packaging products may be produced from low and high-density polyethylene resins that are resistant to vapor penetration. Some atmospheric moisture will eventually find its way into a closed package. The presence of moisture in a package can be expected during shipments across areas of high humidity.

When moisture permeates through the ZERUST® VCI plastic packaging products (flexible and rigid), the moisture is affected by the vapor corrosion inhibitors that are present in the VCI product. As a result, the ZERUST® VCI products inhibit corrosion despite a low level of moisture passing through the plastic. Corrosion problems arise when moisture can enter a package unimpeded by the packaging products, such as through an incorrect closure or a significant hole in the package. When there is a significant breach in the package, the corrosion inhibiting molecules can escape, breaking up the protective corrosion inhibiting molecular layer that had formed on the surface of the metal. Therefore, an unimpeded airflow into the package must be avoided.