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ZERUST® ActivPowder™(LS)-10F

ZERUST® ActivPowder™(LS)-10F VCI Powder provides VCI protection to sealed voids of all sizes. Protect structures and their internal cavities, such as baffles, where sweating and condensation of trapped humidity typically cause corrosion issues.


  • Fast acting and effective on hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Safe* and easy to use
  • Protects against flash corrosion
  • Does not cause hydrogen embrittlement
  • Protects against acid gases, salt air, and other challenging contaminants
  • Powerful and long-lasting protection
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® ActivPowder™ (LS)-10F is a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) powder designed to protect metal surfaces in large voids from corrosion. It offers VCI protection, combined with a new self-fogging Flash Corrosion Inhibitor (FCI™) technology, specialized in protecting metals in enclosed spaces. This combination is self-fogging and goes to work in minutes to protect against flash rust and provide long-term corrosion protection.

The exceptionally fast diffusion rate of ActivPowder™(LS)-10F inhibitors enables rapid delivery of protection to metal surfaces, even in hard-to-reach spaces of structural voids, tubing, and cavities. It also provides effective surface passivation to protect contaminated metal surfaces from corrosion. In addition, the VCI powder is fully water-soluble and is effective in wet lay-up applications.



ZERUST®/EXCOR® ActivPowder™(LS)-10F VCI Powder is stocked in cases. However, a 5-7 day lead time may apply. Call to confirm. Additional quantities, such as super sacks, are available upon request.

Part Number Volume of Protection (up to)‡ Protection Quantity
460-F-00016 1 lb = 280 ft³ (8 m³) Ferrous 30 lbs case (packed in 2 mylar bags in each case)