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ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips

ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips are one of the longest-standing products in the ZERUST® product line. Use these VCI emitter strips to protect your pipes during storage or shipment.


  • Reduce corrosion incidences
  • Reduce the need for inspection & rework
  • Save money & resources
  • Comes with ZERUST® global on-site support
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips are VCI emitter strips that are residue-free, long-term corrosion protection system for the interior surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous pipes during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress. Our Pipe Strips are ZERUST® ICT® Vapor Capsules assembled on long plastic strips that can be made to any length.

ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips are ready-to-use VCI emitter strips, and installation is easy—simply place the strip inside the pipe along its length and cap the ends. ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips saturate the air inside of the pipe, protecting all interior surfaces from corrosion. Protected pipes are always ready to use. Simply uncap the pipes and pull the strip out.



ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strips are in stock for immediate delivery. 1 VCI emitter strip per package.

Part Number Volume of Protection (up to)‡ Protection Quantity/Length
525-M-00001 Protects pipes 2" - 12" inches in diameter Multimetal 40' strip (12 m.), 10 capsules on 4' (122 cm) centers
525-M-00002 Protects pipes 12" - 24" inches in diameter Multimetal 40' strip (12 m.), 16 capsules on 2.5' (76 cm) centers