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ZERUST® ICT®510-MSF VCI Masking Film

ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510-MSF VCI Masking Film is a pressure-sensitive adhesive film that protects from scratches, dust, and corrosion. The film removes cleanly and does not leave a residue.


  • Effective protection from corrosion and environmental contaminants such as dust and dirt
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Does not leave a residue
  • Provides safe and effective ZERUST® VCI protection
Product Description

Product Description

Use ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510-MSF VCI Masking Film to protect polished ferrous metal surfaces and parts with voids. This pressure-sensitive adhesive film contains Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) and may be applied directly on metal surfaces to keep them free of corrosion, scratches, and dust. Use the film to protect molds and parts with void spaces while they move among different production stages and in storage and shipping. The film clings to vertical surfaces and stays securely in place until it is removed.

On removal, ZERUST® ICT®510-MSF is designed to leave the metal surface free of adhesive residue when used indoors and away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources. When used outdoors, an optional UV inhibitor can be added to prevent degradation of the masking film, but some adhesive residue may be left on the metal surface due to high-temperature exposure outdoors. Adhesive residues can be removed by wiping down the metal surface with a solvent.



ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510-MSF VCI Masking Film is available in stock, as well as custom additive options such as UV and anti-static. Contact a ZERUST® account manager for pricing and availability.

Part Number Dimensions and Thickness Film Color and Protection Quantity
100-F-00085 10” x 500’ x 3 mil Multimetal Blue Case (2 Rolls/Case)