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ZERUST® ICT®510C-AN VCI Film Series

ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510C-AN Film utilizes Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology (VCI) to protect metals in challenging situations. It is effective on metals that may be difficult to protect, such as highly porous and powdered metal parts.


  • Works quickly to passivate typical corrosive contaminants
  • Metals are ready for use directly out of the packaging
  • Provides safe and effective ZERUST® VCI protection
  • Recyclable
Product Description

Product Description

ZERUST®/EXCOR® ICT®510C-AN series are nitrite-free and non-amine VCI film products that are ideal for protecting metals in corrosive environments or metal types susceptible to flash corrosion. Difficult to protect surfaces such as cast iron, powdered metal, and machined metal parts benefit from this strong and fast-acting inhibitor. The product is able to passivate typical levels of corrosion causing contaminants left on part surfaces from metalworking processes such as chlorides, nitrates, and sulfides.

ZERUST® ICT®510C-AN series offer product formulations for specific applications (reference product series chart below). For additional protection, the packaging may be used with ZERUST® corrosion inhibitor liquid RPs and VCI diffuser products. Check with your ZERUST®/EXCOR® representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution most effective for your metal assets.

Product Series Chart

Product Name Purpose
ICT®510C-AN Class SMP General multimetal protection where there are some concerns with flash corrosion, trace amount of contaminants on metal surfaces, and/or protection in challenging environments (hot and high humidity).
ICT®510C-AN Class YMP General protection for non-ferrous only metal components.
ICT®510C-AN Class PRO Robust multimetal (and ferrous) protection where there are high concerns with flash corrosion, small amount of contaminants on metal surfaces, and/or protection in aggressive environments (acid gas, hot and high humidity).


ZERUST® ICT®510C-AN Film Series are custom products with additive options such as UV and anti-static. Contact a ZERUST® account manager for pricing and availability.

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